The message was received on October 4th.

One student in the Marlboro Central School District reportedly received a disturbing message through AirDrop on Monday and after receiving it, they reported it to school officials according to News 12.

Violent Message

School officials didn't say exactly what the message said but did say that it appears to be a threatening screenshot image that the student received through AirDrop. The image and its message were not specific to the high school, the student who received it, or the Marlboro school district.


What's AirDrop?

If you've never heard of or used AirDrop before, it's a service that Apple offers users to send files wireless to each other. You can send just about anything including files, contacts, and photos.

To use it, both users need to be on Apple devices, have WI-FI and Bluetooth turned on, and be within a certain distance from each other. Most Apple phones will automatically detect nearby supported devices. Tech experts say that AirDrop is safer than email when it comes to sending information.

Threatening Message Received Through AirDrop

With the message being received through AirDrop, doesn't that mean that whoever sent it had to be close to the student who received it? The Marlboro School District told News 12 that the origin of the threat hasn't been determined just yet but did say they are investigating.

Increased Police Presence

After being notified of the threat and investigating school officials decided that school activities at Marlboro High School should go on as planned, but they did increase police presence throughout the school district. This is a developing story and as more information becomes available we will update this article.

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