In each county within the Hudson Valley, there truly is a hidden gem. It's neat when you come across something that not most people know about. Whether it's a historical marker, a beautiful waterfall, or a shortcut road, it's exciting. For me, I came across a bar that screams everything tiki-related.

When I went onto google to search for a restaurant and bar that my friends and I were going to visit, this came along. Have you ever been to a tiki bar within the Hudson Valley? For a second I wondered if I entered in the correct address and state.

If you are familiar with Port Jervis you may know what I'm talking about.

The Tiki Bar is attached to The Erie Hotel, Bar and Restaurant. If you're looking to escape the winter blues, grab your best beach-like attire and head on over. It was a fun experience considering it was different from any other bar or restaurant I have been to in New York State.

This spot would be a great idea for someone who is moving to a tropical climate, a surprise party, or for a fun night out without driving to a beach bar.

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Here are other tiki-inspired bars to visit around the Hudson Valley.

Fuchsia Tiki, New Paltz

If you're looking for the all-out experience of tiki life, stop by here. From their themed glasses, drink styles, and food options, you may forget that you're in the Hudson Valley. It would be hard to choose from their flaming drinks or one with a pretty garnish. I also saw pictures of guests roasting marshmallows right at the bar. It seems like I may have to stop by here and check it out for myself.

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Lil' Deb's Oasis, Hudson

From the neon lights to pineapple décor and eclectic colors, it would feel as if it was an instant mood booster to be in this space. They have live music and events on-site as well. They take pride in serving comfort food that supplies nourishment and vibrant colors in meals. Lil' Deb's Oasis also released their merchandise line which looks similar to the setting and matches the vibe.

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Have you ever been to a tiki bar here in the Hudson Valley? If you have, share your experience with us below. If not, be sure to check out these local bars for that beachy feel

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