If you've got someone on the side then you'd better treat them extra special today. They've got feelings too.

I never understood cheaters. If you're going to cheat habitually why wouldn't
you just dump the person your with for the mistress? I guess that just makes too much sense.

I'm never amazed by all of the weird national days in the calendar. There seems to be something for everyone online no matter how ridiculous.

I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised. Remember how many people got busted during the whole Ashley Madison scandal? I had no clue but every year on the day just before Valentine's Day marks a place on the calendar where you're supposed to honor the homewreckers in your life. I guess it's not always fair to call them homewreckers as there's always a chance they've got no clue the person their with is cheating.

February 13 is unofficially National Mistress day due to the fact that most people in a relationship will be spending the most romantic day of the year with their spouse or significant other.

Though the word mistress is used to describe a female who's to tell us we can't celebrate the male homewreckers too? The male version of mistress is just called a lover.

If you do have a mistress or a lover then be sure to make today count with them. Take them out some place where you can show them off proudly. So what if it has to be in another state.


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