Blumhouse Productions is killing it recently. The production company behind The Purge, Get Out, and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split has been racking up a new slate of horror and horror-adjacent films lately (there’s going to be a Purge 4), and the company will continue their hot streak with a new Spawn movie.

Yesterday, Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn comic series, posted a “Spawn movie announcement” on his Facebook page on Thursday, saying that fans should check back in 24 hours for the official announcement. Well, it’s been a whole day, and McFarlane appeared on Facebook Live an hour ago to share the good news: he‘s signed a deal with Blumhouse and they’re getting started on a Spawn movie.

Spawn. Badass. R. It’s coming. Get ready for it.”

It’s been 20 years since Spawn was last seen onscreen in his 1997 movie debut, which was the first time a black actor — Michael Jai White — portrayed a major comic book character in a movie. Spawn is a dark, supernatural antihero who began life as a human CIA black ops operative, but was murdered by his friend and partner. He made a deal with an evil supernatural being when his soul was sent to Hell, but was instead returned to the mortal world as a superpowered demon with only faint memories of his human life.

McFarlane has been working on the script for this movie since 2015, and will also direct it. He’s talked about making this film without any crazy special effects — except for the demon himself — with fits right in with Blumhouse’s low-budget horror expertise. A cast hasn’t been set yet, but from his video it sounds like McFarlane will be starting production soon.

Oh, and The Weeknd is very excited about it.