Exercise equipment companies have really stepped up their game since the 1990s and 2000s. I walked past my old workout gear and equipment the other day and thought to myself, why do I still have this? I sat down and went through everything that I have, trying to remember when was the last time I actually used it. Getting in shape back in the day involved a lot of funny and unique pieces of equipment.

I was a HUGE fan of the Shakeweight, Wii Fit and Ab Lounge.

Here’s a list of some exercise equipment that will take you back for sure and ones that we should definitely bring back.

1.) Ab Circle

The Ab Circle looked like it could work every single piece of your abdomen and I’m sure that someway, somehow it did. For what it’s worth, I had fun sliding from side to side working out my obliques? I think so.

2.) Ab Lounge

I admit it, I loved the Ab Lounge. In my mind, I thought using this equipment was almost like lying in a really stable hammock and doing crunches. This may be one piece of the 90’s that I might not get rid of and try it out again.

3.) Ab Sliders

It’s safe to say that we really liked to work out our abs back in the day. To be honest, I see people using equipment that looks like the original, Ab Slider nowadays in the gym. I think that we were ahead of our time and brought the true meaning to six pack abs.

4.) Shake Weight

I asked for the Shake Weight for Christmas and was really excited when I received it. There’s just something about not doing a lot of work and getting nice, sculpted arms. I can’t lie; I definitely put this in my room next to my actual weights to give it another try. I can honestly feel the burn, did you?

5.) Wii Fit

Wii Fit was another present I prayed and prayed for and thankfully, Santa delivered it. This fun piece of exercise equipment isn’t really that old; I believe that it came out in 2007. I remember playing tennis, soccer, bowling and baseball and actually feeling sore the day after. Wii Fit allowed you to track your weight, height, calories burned and BMI info. I was considering selling my Wii Fit years ago when I came across it but I haven’t parted with it yet.

6.) The Gazelle Machine

Do you remember the Gazelle Machine with Tony Little? All of my friends parents had this bad boy in their basement. I do believe that there is a modern day relative of it called the Gazelle Glider.

7.) Thigh Master

Seeing Suzanne Somers talk about the Thigh Master made me want to buy it. Who wouldn’t want to look like her and get toned thighs, right? When I used it, I felt like it was similar to one of these squeeze grip hand exercise pieces but only working out your legs instead. I saw one for sale on EBay for $40.00 if you bring the 90s back.

8.) Looped exercise bands

These exercise bands were THE BEST! I did numerous workout videos where I really felt beneficial.  I even attached them to other workout equipment to switch it up. Modern day exercise bands don’t compare.

9.) Bowflex

The Bowflex was another piece of equipment from the 90s that I would see in all of my friends basement or garage. Why wouldn’t we purchase something that will work out your entire body with just one machine? DUH

10.) Nordic Track

The Nordic Track looks like a lot going on all at once but also another contraption that can work out every single body part, right? Thankfully, they updated this popular equipment and definitely seem easier to maneuver. What should we do with the ones from the 90s?

It didn’t seem like we had a hard time staying in shape back in the day. Some of these vintage exercise equipment’s were absolutely hilarious and others seem to really work. What ones did you own and use? Do you still have them today? Share your comments and feedback with us below. :)