Do your Hudson Valley neighbors and fellow bar patrons a favor and never play these songs on the Jukebox at your favorite local establishment.

5. Wagon Wheel 'By Anyone' A great song in it's own right, just massively over played.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd 'Freebird' Sure it's a rock and roll classic. As much as you don't want to be the guy yelling at the band to play it, nobody likes the guy that picks out this nine minute monstrosity on the jukebox. Sure it gets really good at the 4:45 mark, the trouble is getting there.

3. Semisonic 'Closing Time' The only time this song should ever be played at the bar is at closing time. Played any earlier is quite the buzzkill. Don't be that guy (girl).

2. Journey 'Don't Stop Believin' Just don't go there. It's been done. You'll hear it toward the end of the next wedding you go to. No need to break it out at the bar.

1. Phish 'Demand' (Or other hippy/jamband stuff) I've seen the damage this one can do first hand. Don't get me wrong, Phish is one of my favorite bands. But throwing this 10+ minute jam on in a crowded bar will have people streaming to the doors after 3 minutes. I know, because I've seen it happen, I've personally been responsible at multiple late nights at Noah's Ark in Poughkeepsie from 2002-2009.