TransCare Ambulance Service has shut down most New York operations after filing for bankruptcy.

Yesterday the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response (DCDER) was alerted by the ambulance company that it would no longer be in service under order from the Bankruptcy Trustee. Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro says the company's closure will not affect services to residents.

 “We have been aware of the situation relating to TransCare over the past several weeks and our Department of Emergency Response has worked closely with other emergency medical service organizations to develop a contingency plan to ensure continuous coverage throughout the county."

Dutchess County officials have coordinated with several other ambulance services such as Mobile Life Support Services, EMStar Ambulance, and Northern Dutchess Paramedics ensuring coverage continues without interruption.

No official word yet on how many TransCare workers now find themselves unemployed due to the bankruptcy. Operations have been shut down across the Hudson Valley and New York City. A company wide email sent out Wednesday stated the company had been working for several months to restructure the business and save operations but due the bankruptcy that was now impossible.