According to the Associated Press Fiat Chrysler has been ordered to pay a record civil fine of up to 105 million dollars and must offer to buy back hundreds of thousands of Ram trucks and older Jeep vehicles.

The ruling which came down this week from safety regulators was apart of a costly deal to settle legal problems stemming from nearly two dozen recalls mishandled by the Italian-American automaker.

Getty Images: Whitney Curtis
Getty Images: Whitney Curtis

In addition to the fine and the buy backs Chrysler must allow trade in's or cover repair costs for millions of older Jeeps with vulnerable rear-mounted gas tanks. As for the Ram pickups, the company's top-seller, the issue lies with steering parts which can cause drivers to loose control of their vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Previous recalls and repairs have been unsuccessful which is why Fiat Chrysler agreed to the buyback.

Fiat Chrysler is just the latest company to come under fire from auto safety regulators. An attempt by officials to hold automakers accountable for failing to disclose defects in vehicles and/or those companies who don't properly conduct a recall.

It's not immediately know how many vehicles overall are affected by the failed recalls, buy-backs and trade-in offers. Below is a list of vehicles that were affected by the 23 recalls which sparked the suit. The list is not necessarily an indication of whether your vehicle qualifies for a buy-back or trade in offer, those owners affected will be contacted by Fiat Chrysler directly. You can also contact your authorized dealer if you feel your vehicle may qualify.


Affected Makes & Model Years of Recalls:

Jeep Grand Cherokee: 1993-1998; 2002-2004; 2005-2007; 2008; 2011-2014; 2015

Dodge Durango: 2011-2014

Dodge Ram 1500: 2004-2008, 2009-2012

Dodge Ram 2500: 2005-2007; 2003-2014

Dodge Ram 3500: 2006-2007; 2003-2014

Ram 4500 and Ram 5500 trucks: 2010-2014

Dodge Ram 5500: 2008-2012

Ram 5500: 2014-2015

Chrysler Aspen : 2007; 2009

Dodge Durango : 2004-2007; 2009; 2012-2013

Dodge Dakota: 2005-2007; 2009-2011

Jeep Liberty: 2002-2007

Dodge Ram 4500: 2008-2012

Ram 4500: 2014-2015

Chrysler Town and Country: 2008-2010

Dodge Grand Caravan: 2008-2010

Dodge Journey: 2009-2010

Jeep Commander: 2006-2007; 2008

Dodge Magnum: 2005-2007; 2008

Chrysler 200: 2015

Chrysler 300: 2005-2007; 2008; 2011-2014

Chrysler 300C: 2005-2007

Dodge Challenger: 2011-2014; 2015

Dodge Charger : 2005-2007; 2008; 2011-2014; 2015

Mitsubishi Raider: 2006; 2007

Chrysler SRT8: 2005-2007

Dodge Viper: 2003-2004; 2013-2014