When life gives you lemons...

A large crash involving a tractor-trailer shut down traffic on Route 17 Wednesday morning, with delays lasting well into the afternoon. According to ABC, the crash happened in an area right outside the Rockland County line right after 10 AM.

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Some would say the crash left many commuters in both directions quite sour. (yeah, that was stupid).

Truck Full of Lemons Crashes on Route 17 

ABC is reporting that a truck overturned on Route 17 in Mahwah, causing a massive cargo of lemons to spill all over the road Wednesday morning. ABC says that initial reports indicate that the lemon truck was traveling northbound when it suddenly lost control.

The result saw the truck's trailer come loose and strike another vehicle that was traveling southbound. Mahwah Police said that the driver told them he felt the cargo shift while he was on the road, which lead him to try to correct the shift only for the trailer full of citrusy fruit to dislodge and split apart.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The drivers of both the lemon truck and the other vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to ABC.

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The New Jersey Department of Transportation said there was also damage to an overhead sign, which they say will need to be removed.

Police Say New York State Man Drove 18 Miles in the Wrong Direction on Route 17

A potentially fatal accident was thankfully averted back in October 2021, after police stopped a vehicle going in the wrong direction on Route 17. In fact, it may be a bit of a miracle that there wasn't any sort of incident, considering the driver drove in the wrong direction for 18 whole miles, according to officials.

WBNG is reporting that the calls to dispatchers started coming in early that Monday when reports of a vehicle traveling in the wrong way on Route 17 in Delaware County started pouring in.

Both New York State Police and the Delaware County Sheriff's Office took to the roads to search for the vehicle, though they didn't have a clear description of what exactly they were looking for.

A little later that morning, dispatchers in Delaware and Sullivan Counties received calls of the same vehicle traveling east in the westbound lane of Route 17. This time, law enforcement was able to set up a road closure and finally stop the driver.WBNG says that the driver is an 86-year-old Ithaca man who had been reported missing by his wife.

Officials took the man to a nearby medical center for evaluation.

World's Last Howard Johnson's Restaurant SOLD in New York

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