Ulster County representatives took one step closer to Ashokan Reservoir rail trail upgrades but potentially at the expense of the existing train tracks on the property.

The Daily Freeman reports lawmakers voted unanimously in favor of a measure to ensure future land usage after a previous proposal would have allowed New York City to reclaim the property with just 30 days notice. The Ashokan Resevoir is operated by the NYC DEP. An amendment that would have saved a 1.1 mile stretch of track was defeated by a vote of 18-5.

There are many people with strong opinions on both sides of this issue. Some feel the train's history should be preserved, others feel it should be rail trail only (running, hiking, etc). Reportedly a vital stretch that would have made dual usage possible, isn't wide enough to accommodate both train and trail cutting off sections of rail trail from each other.

So the question is, should they leave the tracks or make it rail trail only?