If you're a fan of Panera's caffeinated beverage options, or looking for a way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to filling your cup, listen up.

Panera has been testing, in a number of their stores, a subscription service for the past few months, and according to Tip Hero, those participating in the subscription service are coming in more often, and purchasing more than just coffee or tea.

Here's the breakdown, by the numbers.  It'll cost subscribers $8.99 per month to have access to unlimited coffee and tea from Panera.  It does not include cold brew, espresso, or cappuccino, but you can pick from different roasts and flavors, iced coffees and hot teas.  It breaks down to you being able to order ANY size coffee or tea every 2 hours, and have access to free refills while inside the Panera location.  If you look at it from a cost perspective it comes out to 30¢ a day - not too shabby.

Why offer the service?

Panera is hoping to increase sales during breakfast hours, and this coffee subscription definitely seems to be helping with that. Instead of paying extremely more for coffee at a chain like Starbucks, customers can visit Panera and pick up a muffin or sandwich while they’re there.

If you're interested there's a few ways to sign up - you can can order online, through your phone via the Panera app, or in store at the register or kiosks. The Hudson Valley is jam packed with Panera locations, find your closest one here.