Many cars in the Hudson Valley are being recalled because the steering wheel might fall off while driving!

Ford issued a safety recall in North America for approximately 1.4 million 2014-18 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles due to potentially loose steering wheel bolts that could cause the steering wheel to fall off.

According to Ford, in affected vehicles, the steering wheel bolt may not maintain torque, allowing the bolt to loosen over time, and if not serviced, the steering wheel could detach.

This dangerous defect could lead to a loss of steering control and increased risk of a crash, officials say.

Ford is aware of two accidents including one injury related to a steering wheel falling off.

According to CNN, the recall applies to every Ford Fusion and Lincoln MZK built between 2013 and March 5, 2018.

The recall includes the following models:

  • Fusion S
  • Fusion SE
  • Hybrid S
  • Hybrid SE
  • Hybrid Titanium
  • Energi SE
  • Energi Titanium
  • Fusion Sport
  • Fusion Platinum
  • Fusion Hybrid Platinum
  • Fusion Energi Platinum
  • Lincoln MKZ Premier
  • Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Premier
  • Lincoln MKZ Black Label

The recall involves approximately 1,378,637 vehicles in North America with 1,301,986 in the United States and federalized territories, 62,479 in Canada and 14,172 in Mexico.

The Ford reference number for this recall is 18S08.

At no cost, Ford dealers will replace the steering wheel bolt on the vehicle with a longer bolt with more robust thread engagement and larger nylon patch placed properly for proper torque retention, according to a press release from the Ford Motor Company.

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