Walking Dead star and Hudson Valley resident Jeffrey Dean Morgan has had a lot of good things to say about the area. His character on the show might be the most hated man on TV right now, but off camera he's actually a nice guy.

The much talked about Walking Dead season premiere was just on this past weekend and if you haven't watched it, you may want to stop reading here. We're not going to be that crappy friend who posts all the details before you get to actually watch the show.

Feel The Rain Art
Feel The Rain Art

However, if you have seen the episode already, check out the official after show Talking Dead. Morgan gives a silent shout out to the Rhinebeck candy store he co-owns with Paul Rudd and two others. He is the final cast member to enter the stage at the 55:00 mark, and he's wearing a hat from Samuel's Sweet Shop.

Hudson Valley News Network recently caught up with Morgan and his wife Hilarie and they tell the story of how they were fell in love with the area.