Traveling the past few weeks between the Massachusetts Berkshires and down the insanely beautiful Taconic State Parkway, I have NEVER seen so many turkeys in my life. I’m a city boy from Springfield, MA and if there is even ONE turkey spotted in city limits, it makes the news.

So imagine my surprise to see no less than 10 or so turkeys every morning on the way to Poughkeepsie.  I spout my usual, “ Hey Siri, why so many turkeys?”

Siri never answers my casual questions, but she did offer to me that we are currently in ‘TURKEY MATING SEASON.”

Ohhhh those randy turkeys I said, and upon further investigating, it turns out that these horned-up Toms have QUITE the attitude!

Strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season.

As reported by our neighbors to the east, MassWildlife:

"During the period from now through May, turkeys enter their breeding season. Male turkeys, in an attempt to establish social dominance within their flock, may display aggressive or intimidating behavior towards humans."

The agency also warned that threats posed by turkeys during this season may include pecking, following, and potentially attacking individuals perceived as threats.

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Ok, now that there’s a Turkey in heat at my doorstep, how am I to proceed?

Well, the New York State section of has a list of tactics.

“You can frighten bold turkeys out of your yard by:

  • Chasing them
  • Spraying them with a hose
  • Sounding an air horn
  • Setting off fireworks such as bird screamers or bangers
  • Waving a broom
  • Opening a large umbrella while facing them
  • Allowing your dog free access to the area

Be bold with the offending turkeys and encourage other adults in your neighborhood to do the same.”

Be BOLD Hudson Valley and keep the FOWL language to a minimum.

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