Selling alcohol to minors has been a problem ever since the legal drinking age started.

Almost every year the New York State Liquor Authority conducts underage stings all across the Hudson Valley. The stings are done to make sure that any business that has a license to sell alcohol doesn't sell it to anyone that isn't of legal drinking age (21+).

Each time an underage sting is done, we always see the news stories that highlight the businesses that unfortunately fail the test. It happens time after time, so when a Hudson Valley Police Department releases information about businesses that PASSED the test, we have to share.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Washingtonville Underage Booze Sting

Just last week the NYS Liquor Authority and the Village of Washingtonville Police Department held one of these underage stings, which they call an "alcohol compliance check" at numerous places in the village.

The compliance checks had a person under the age of 21 go into several liquor license establishments in Washingtonville and attempt to purchase alcohol according to the Washingtonville Police Departments Facebook page.

Google Maps
Google Maps

8 Washingtonville Businesses PASS Underage Test

After conducting the compliance checks the WPD wanted to congratulate the following businesses for NOT selling alcohol to the minor:

Amada’s Kitchen
Brother Bruno’s
F & J Pizza
Hook and Ladder Saloon
Hennessy Wine and Liquor
Newport Beverage
Stop and Shop
Stewarts Shop

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Washingtonville Poice didn't share if any village businesses sold to the minor during the latest sting or not but we think that celebrating the ones that are following the rules and making it harder and harder for kids underage to get alcohol is brilliant!! Well done!

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