Wayne Static of the band Static-X passed away in October of 2014 leaving behind a wife by the name of Tera Wray. Sadly, she was found dead last week in a California apartment where she was staying with a friend.

Blabbermouth.net reports Ms. Wray died of an apparent suicide. More details have yet to be released. Static, born Wayne Wells, married Wray in 2008. She was an adult film actress but largely retired after tying the knot.

Static's death in 2014 was attributed to a toxic mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. Prolonged exposure to drugs also played a role, he passed away in his sleep. At the time, before the cause of death was released, Wray denied the couple were using drugs at the time.

A statement from her family confirmed the cause of death.

Love conquered all on the evening of Wednesday, January 13, 2016. After 14 months of separation by death, Tera Wray Static took fate into her own hands, and ended her life to be with the man she loved.