It's been a few months since the Weeknd has released any new music. And considering the guy dropped three career-making EPs in the span of nine months back in 2011, he's either out of ideas or is plotting some sort of world domination to hit us sometime soon.

He's just released his first piece of new music in a while -- the last time we heard from him, he was covering Beyonce -- and if 'Often' isn't exactly earth-shaking in its originality, it's great to have some new music from Abel Tesfaye. Give it a listen:

It pretty much sounds like the material found on the Weeknd's terrific trilogy of 'House of Balloons,' 'Thursday' and 'Echoes of Silence.' There's a bunch of weird noises, plenty of sex talk and a dark, late-night R&B groove that's somewhere between freaktastic and downright freaky.

And here's that Beyonce cover from earlier in the year: