Recent survey results are saying that the youngest sibling is the funniest, well, they seem to think so anyway.

This survey, administered to just under 2,000 people by British pollster YouGov, revealed that

youngest siblings are more likely to think they are funnier than their older brothers and sisters, with 46% of younger siblings believing that they were the funniest, compared to only 36% of oldest siblings

I think it's pretty funny that the younger siblings think they are funnier, being the older one myself.  Looking at my family and circle of friends, it seems with most of the people i'm connected with, the older sibling ends up being the funnier of the bunch, myself included, obviously :)

The survey also found

oldest siblings (54%) feel more organized than their younger siblings (43%). Youngest siblings (47%) on the other hand are more likely to see themselves as easygoing compared to older siblings (42%).

This was a British based survey, so I wonder if the US results would prove different.

So let's settle this debate Hudson Valley, comment here, or weigh in through the poll on facebook or instagram, who do you think the funniest sibling in the family is?