Good luck to K-9 Rico and Deputy Lyman.

Dogs make everything better, period. It's always really cool to see a K-9 and their handler out on the job and in the community. It provides everyone with an extra sense of protection and the dog also helps improve the relationship between the police and the community.

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office recently made a big announcement and a big congrats is in order for them and one of their officers.

What is the Ulster County Sheriff's Office adding to their department?

According to officials, K-9 Rico is the newest member of the Ulster County Sheriff's Office K-9 team. Woo hooo and welcome.

K-9 Rico arrived here at the end of February all the way from the Netherlands. He has been getting trained by his handler Deputy Lyman at the Orange County Sheriff's Office K-9 Academy.

So far the post has a ton of likes and really nice comments have been left for the new pair:

    • Karla- "Welcome Pup"
    • Rose- "Very handsome Rico!!"
    • William- "Such a handsome boy. The dog is pretty cute too!"

It looks like K-9 Rico is being welcomed with open arms in not just Ulster County, but also in the Hudson Valley.

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Lets face it, crime is only getting worse in the area and having more K-9's provides extra protection and security for us and the police officers in our area. There recently was an incident in Fishkill and it seems like this is happening more and more in the Hudson Valley.

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Another huge benefit of having a K-9 is that they can be a tremendous help when it comes to searching for a missing person. During a missing person case, every minute counts and having the extra support os super important. Commonly, K-9's are given a piece of clothing with the scent of the missing person on it and they help lead police to the missing person.

We will keep the inspiring stories going, here's where you can find a war hero in the Hudson Valley:

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Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh