Westchester County legislators have introduced a bill that will raise their county's legal age from 18 to 21. Last month, Orange County raised the age for legal tobacco purchase to 21 years old. This not only includes tobacco but nicotine containing vape products as well. Vaping is a rising trend as most consumers see it as a healthier alternative to tobacco.

There are arguments for and against the health risks of vaping as opposed to tobacco containing nicotine products. That's a speculation that I haven't seen any strong evidence but at the same time I'll never say having a nicotine addiction is good.

The negative effect of raising the age is economical. Vape store's have a large number of consumers that are under the age of 21. Eliminating that market for them could hurt businesses.

This is shaping up to be a long pros and cons list. I've always heard the argument about the legal draft age. When I turned 18 it was required by law that I register for the draft. This hasn't been a debated issue in quite some time but the argument always went like this. If someone can fight and die for their country they should be allowed to drink & smoke.