Everyone has joked about it but socially distant concerts are actually happening in the Tri-State region.

What started off as an idea has turned into reality. Socially distant concerts are here. The first socially distant concert was supposed to happen in Arkansas in the spring of 2020 and took some time to actually go on. But believe it or not, socially distant concerts are now the new normal, as much as I hate that phrase.

In Connecticut, just one state over from New York, socially distant concerts are being held. If you're already rolling your eyes, stop for a second, and just keep reading. I was a doubter too, but now I've changed my opinion. After going to a socially distant concert, I realized they're actually awesome. I think they really could be the future! If you're skeptical, keep reading to find out how socially distant concerts actually are worth attending.

What a Socially Distant Concert is Really Like