While many people are still navigating the feelings associated with the closing of a 25+ year staple brewery in Hyde Park, perhaps the news of a different type of brewery opening in the area will help fill the void.

Here's what we know about the opening of Dassai Blue, a sake brewery, that will soon open in Hyde Park, and by soon, we're hearing Spring 2023 as the anticipated opening for this new Dutchess County establishment.

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Dassai Blue, Sake Brewery, Under Construction in Hyde Park New York

As early as 2020, information began popping up online about the construction of this one of a kind sake experience in Hyde Park, and recent updates indicate that construction is well underway.  A photo from back in April shows progress on the location, which will be located at 5 St. Andrews Road in Hyde Park, formerly home to Stop & Shop.

According to coverage on a sake based website called saketips, the Dassai Blue establishment is actually a result of outreach from the neighboring Culinary Institute of America, who actually proposed that Dassai build their new brewery in the area so that CIA students would be able to visit and learn about the relationship between sake and food.  That article also indicated the following:

The new brewery will not only manufacture sake, but will be open for tours and has a liquor store with a tasting room. As HIS is also planning the brewery tour, it is expected to become a facility where local people and tourists can easily visit and experience the sake culture.

Updates on Dassai Blue indicate that the inside the establishment feels like a brewery, complete with a 'mash squeezing machine, the steaming rice, and the tank for fermenting the mash' - all parts of the sake brewing process.


Hyde Park Fire Department Tours Dassai Sake’ Site in Hyde Park

On Monday October 3rd, members of the Hyde Park Fire Department had the opportunity to complete a walk-thru at the Dassai saké plant in Hyde Park.  According to their post on social media, HPFD members were grateful for the opportunity to see the new areas, and 'the owners are nearing the finish line.' Here's a sneak peak!

Hyde Park Fire Department
Hyde Park Fire Department

What Is Dassai Blue/Dassai?

The Dassai brand is not new, but new-er, to NY, and the states.  Part of Asahi Shuzo, Dassi's goal is to create the highest quality sake for their customers.  They have a focus on taste and flavor, available for anyone to enjoy, not so special or so rare that it can only be enjoyed by some, or enjoyed sometimes.

The “Dassai Blue” brand concept comes from a Japanese proverb; literally translated as “Although blue dye comes from the indigo plant, it is bluer than indigo” meaning that it is our expectation that Dassai Blue will surpass the existing Dassai brand.

What will be brewed in Hyde Park is a bit different, with the addition of Blue to the Dassai name.  They plan to use New York water, and 'Yamada Nishiki rice grown in both the U.S. and Japan' to produce the highest-graded sake.  They are looking forward to welcoming everyone to this new Hyde Park brewery, and for them to taste a 'newborn Dassai.'

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