We need it, we've been craving the experience, live concerts, in person, drunkenness, we deserve it at this point. What's the first concert you want to see when bands start making their way around the country again?

2020 had a lot of potential to be a great year, and as we know that all came crashing down. Motley Crue was scheduled for a reunion tour with Poison, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard. KISS was in the middle of their farewell tour, with over 100 shows remaining, and now these bands sit and wait for an opportunity to perform before a live audience that isn't zooming in through their computer.

However, these bands sitting around isn't necessarily a bad thing, as many of them have used their time in quarantine very usefully. Styx, ZZ Top, Journey, Pete Townshend, Neil Schoon, Guns N' Roses (Rumored), Brian May, and the Scorpions among others are all working on new albums.

While it's exciting that a lot of our favorite bands are working on new material, it sucks that we can't go see them live. I mean, AC/DC released a new kick-ass album and have to wait to do a tour in support of that album. It sucks, and I know you feel my pain. There are going to be so many options for us when concerts return. Who is the first band you want to see when concerts return?

My choice is AC/DC. I've never seen them live, and we waited so long for the new album, and considering it is a good album, I would love to see them live. Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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