It happens all the time and some might say you are a jerk if you don't offer to pay for what you broke.

A simple trip to the grocery store has led one Hudson Valley mom to ask if she was in the wrong for not offering to pay for something she broke while at the grocery store last week.


Do I Have to Pay for Something I Broke at the Store?

Hey guys, Not sure what you think about this but I am hoping that you might have a little input. I was at the grocery store the other day shopping with my 14-year-old daughter and as we started our "shop" we were talking and walking everything was fine. That is until we started down the pasta and sauce aisle. My daughter said something to me as I reached for a jar of sauce and as I was answering her I dropped the jar and knocked over three others. They all smashed on the floor, leaving a mini-disaster at our feet. Standing there frustrated, a store employee came over and started to clean up and as I walked away I apologized to the employee and told my daughter to stop talking to me while I shop. She replies are you going to pay for the jars you broke? WHAT? No, it was an accident! She said I thought you're supposed to pay for things you break. Fuming at this point, I told her to mind her business and let me finish. After we were done and driving home I started thinking about it, is it an unspoken rule that you should offer to pay for something you break in a grocery store, or was my daughter just trying to get under my skin?....Jean


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What Would You Do?

Honestly, I have had my share of grocery store accidents in the past and have never, EVER offered to pay for it. If a store employee asked me to pay for it I would probably cover it but they never have before. What's the rule in a situation like this? If it's happened to you or you work at a grocery store is there a rule for things like this?

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