Do you see those yellow and blue historical markers on the side of the road when you are traveling through New York State? You probably see more of them than you realize. In fact, New York State has more than 900 of those markers, a few hundred more than any other state.

Can you learn things from these signs? Of course you can. In fact, the newest sign has something interesting to do with a hot dog. While it might never come up on an elementary school quiz, it is something that could potentially help you win at Jeopardy. 

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But who is Sybil Ludington and what did she do that was so important to New York State?

Sybil Ludington was the Hudson Valley's Paul Revere. She was also the daughter of a Colonel in the Revolutionary war. Allegedly her ride started at 9 PM and ended about dawn. Her actions alerted the soldiers who were then ready to take on the British troops. By her getting the word out that the British soldiers were coming, everyone was able to get ready to fight them and they were not taken by surprise.

How can Sybil Ludington be compared with Paul Revere?

You might have heard of the famous poem, that lyrically shares about the midnight ride of that patriot, who vigorously rode his horse to let the soldiers know about the approaching British. Similarly, Sybil did the same, but she did it at the age of 16, and she rode more than twice the distance that Revere did. She road 40 miles on the horse.

Where is the Sybil Ludington Statue located? Is it open to the public?

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Sybil Ludington Statue is located at 15 Gleneida Ave, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512, and supposedly is open to the public 24 hours a day.  Have you been to see it already?

How can an organization go about getting one of those blue and yellow historical markers for their spot in New York State? 

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