IG fans probably already own their latest album, Mercury - Act 1, that was released in early September, but how about adding a signed copy, or a cool Imagine Dragons vinyl copy of the record?  Call me a Bad Liar all you want, but this is all true, WRRV is your hookup to Imagine Dragons merch!

We are really trying to make up for the past 18 or so months when times were tough, new music was difficult to come by, and we almost forgot what live concerts felt like.  So, with the help of our friends at Interscope Geffen a&m records, let's get you hooked up with some Imagine Dragons - are you a Believer?

So here's how this is going to work, whenever you hear an Imagine Dragons song playing on WRRV, just let us know below, and you'll be entered for one of the prizes, the autographed CD or the vinyl record (unsigned).  Simple as that.

Imagine Dragons haven't let us down with this new album, Follow You was a hit from day one, and people went crazy for the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cameo music video that also has some nods to fellow Las Vegas-based band, The Killers.  If you haven't00 watched it, don't wait any longer, here it is:

Personally though, I'm really feeling their latest release from the album, Wrecked, it's been my go-to windows down sing at the top of my lungs anthem the past few weeks.  The lyrics are pretty relatable too, so that's always a bonus.

Well, I guess It's Time to say thanks for dealing with all my IG song puns and remind you that if you want to win some awesome collector merch, that your chance is with WRRV whenever you hear us playing Imagine Dragons - will you do Whatever It Takes?

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