Barns Courtney stopped by the studio for another edition of WRRV Acoustic. He was in New York City for a private performance and was able to cruise through the Hudson Valley before flying to Atlanta to perform at the Shaky Knees Music Festival.

You can find Barns' new song 'Fire' on the Burnt movie soundtrack. The movie itself stars Bradley Cooper as a chef with a drug and alcohol problem. He flames out of his high profile gig and eventually earns a second chance in London.

Barns himself was born in London before moving to, and growing up in Seattle. He's since moved back to the U.K. Barns has been extremely busy with shows and has been struggling to find time to record his debut album. After leaving WRRV he was headed off to the studio to get a full day of recording in. We like to think we sent him off with some good vibes for the recording session. Check out the amazing acoustic version of 'Fire' he performed live in the studio.