We asked for your regrettable tattoo photos and you came through with some blown out, faded or just plain terrible ink. We reviewed the entries and picked 26 that qualified to move on to the voting rounds.

The second voting round pits 6 contestants against one another in 3 match-ups.

Vote for the tattoo you think is most in need of a cover up in each pairing. Votes are limited by cookie and IP address to limit voting to once every 24 hours. The first round of voting ends Wednesday, May 21 at noon. The final round will begin at 3PM.

The winner of the final round will receive a $500 gift certificate to Graceland Tattoo to use toward a cover up.

A special thanks to Graceland Tattoo, the Hudson Valley's premier tattoo parlor, for sponsoring this year's Tattoo Redo. Graceland Tattoo is located at 2648 East Main Street Wappingers Falls.