On February 6th, Dutchess County Government issued this post seeking feedback as they move into the design stages for the upcoming Youth Opportunity Union (YOU).

On their website, it says The YOU will be a visionary new community center for youth and families through Dutchess County, located in the heart of Poughkeepsie. The YOU wishes to serve the entire Dutchess County Community by creating a welcoming and inclusive space where children can play, learn and grow- from infancy to adulthood. The YOU, as a fixture of the Path to Promise initiative, will focus on recreational, educational, and healthy opportunities- both physical and mental- to ensure that young people have the assets they need to achieve their full potential.

The YOU will be located at the former Dutchess YMCA site at 35 Montgomery Street. The three-acre property has been vacant since 2009. Dutchess County's $25 million investment will support the demolition, design, and construction of the YOU campus.

What will the YOU Offer?

A few amenities that The YOU hopes to offer are a pool, gymnasium, fitness center, wellness and health services, and a 24-hour childcare center. They also wish to offer enriching programs and classes.

A quote on their website from Dutchess County Resident Diane Maffei reads,

“The community needs and deserves a place to gather and feel a part of—with their family, neighbors and community—that expands friendships and respect.”

Sanjay Natesan, President of the Dutchess County Youth Council said,

"This will be a place where children and young adults will feel right at home. They will know it was built with thme in mind. The county needs such a youth center, and I am excited this project is underway. I know it will bring joy to so many once it's built and the doors are open."

According to their timeline, 2021 was dedicated to public outreach and project planning. In 2022, they plan to work on demolition along with more public outreach and design. By 2023, they hope to be in the construction process.

To reserve a spot to get more information, provide your input, and ask questions, you can register here. The link will allow you to make your appointment request and receive a Zoom invitation.

Funded Projects Under Dutchess County's Partnership for Manageable Growth

On January 24th, 2022, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro announced that 490 acres of land will be protected by Dutchess County's Partnership of Manageable Growth (PMG) Program.

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