Local legends are a funny thing. You can hear the same story over and over, but if you were not there to experience it, it's almost as if it didn't happen.

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If you are a Rock and Roll fan who grew up anywhere near Danbury, you've heard the legend of the time The Doors came to Danbury High School. I wasn't there for the epic evening -- wasn't born yet -- and sometimes, that makes me feel like it didn't happen, but it did.

On October 11, 1967, the Doors played at Danbury High School. It's amazing to think that one of the greatest bands in Rock history played at a high school in our local area at a time when they were making music that would endure generations.

To put this in perspective, they played at Danbury High School the same year that they released two of their best albums. In January of '67, they released their self-titled debut album and a month before coming to Danbury High, they released their sophomore album Strange Days.

On those two albums were songs like:

  • "Break on Through"
  • "Light My Fire"
  • "Soul Kitchen"
  • "The End"
  • "Love Me Two Times"
  • "People are Strange"

Here they were in the Hat City, playing for a rock-and-roll-thirsty group of young people that would celebrate their music for years to come. That October night would become rock 'n' roll folklore in Danbury.

Recently, a Youtube user called The OtherVoices shared a copy of the recording from that evening. I will admit, the audio is not high quality, but we are very lucky to have it. That night (10/27/67), the Doors played the following songs in Danbury:

  • "Moonlight Drive" 
  • "Horse Latitudes"  
  • "Money"
  • "Break On Through"
  • "Back Door Man"
  • "People Are Strange"
  • "The Crystal Ship"
  • "Wake Up"
  • "Light My Fire"
  • "The End" 

Recording below:

P.S. Two album in a calendar year? No one does that today.

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