Brand's Future Husband, this week takes us to New Zealand.


My honey is a New Zealand spear-fisherman, James Grant, was in the waters near Colac Bay over the weekend, when he felt something tugging at his leg. It took a few moments to realize that it was not one of his buddies prank.

Turns out it wasn't his buddy, James was chomped on by a shark, but his quick thinking allowed him to stab it back. James then got out of the water, used the first aid kit that he keeps in his car, for when he is out pig hunting, cleaned up his wound, actually stitching up his own wound, before heading to the hospital.

Of course, James had to stop for a beer before going straight to the hospital... and stopping for a beer before heading to the hospital.  His buddies and the bar staff did have to give him a few extra napkins because he was starting to drip blood all over the floor. After a few cool ones, he did check himself into a hospital to get a proper stitches, but was back to work Monday.