Why My National Ice Cream Day Sucked
My experience was bittersweet. Yes, that pun was intended.

Did you know that today was national ice cream day? It's ironic that it fell on a Sunday. Or should we call it a sundae?
Marvel Has Officially Found Its ‘Black Widow’ Director
Although Marvel sure did drag their feet on the way to committing to the Black Widow movie, we gotta give credit where credit’s due: The studio was very thorough in finding the right director to take on Scarlett Johansson’s highly-anticipated solo film. Over the course of several month…
NASA Astronaut To Appear At Walkway Over The Hudson Event
NASA will be sending a real deal astronaut to an upcoming event put on by the Walkway Over The Hudson. According to a press release from Senator Schumer's office, the astronaut visit on September 7th is meant to inspire local students to reach for the stars...

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