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Have Scientists Found The Right Way to Dump Someone?
I'm so glad that science is taking a break from climate change or medical miracles and moving in the right direction. Scientists are actually looking in to the proper way to dump someone.
Science can put a new notch under its belt. Some of the top minds in America have finally discovered the b…
How on Earth is this New York’s Favorite Halloween Candy?
I've got to say that this one was a bit surprising. Who would have thought that this would be New York's most purchased candy for Halloween. Are you a fan of this specific junk food.

Hudson Valley dentists beware, New York's favorite Halloween candy is basically pure sugar. What we…
Why are There Baskets in Trees in Downtown Newburgh?
When I was in downtown Newburgh this caught my attention and I've got to say this puzzled me when I saw these objects hidden in trees. Maybe this is a New York thing because I have never seen this before. Imagine walking downtown in a city and you look up in a tree to find food baskets stuffed …

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