Beer & Wine

The Three Most Common Bar Conversations
Back in the old days the local watering hole used to be a place where you can meet new people and have some good conversation. In a world where we are so glued to our smart phones do we ever take the time to get to know our neighbors at the local bar? The bartender used to be a cheaper alternative t…
How Much Do Millennials Spend on Booze Vs Gen X?
If you needed a "kids these days" moment you can have this one. Just how much is each younger generation drinking more than the previous one?

My father is a baby boomer. My perception was that was the drinking generation. The "blue collar, go get your old man a beer" generati…
It’s Easy To Make Homemade Wine In An Instant Pot
I'm not the best cook but if homemade wine can come from these things I may have to buy one.

It seems like everyone is buying an crock pot or an Instant Pot these days. Everyone is all about making cooking a little bit easier. From what it looks, you can make virtually anything in one of the…

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