Marlboro Girls Softball Must Choose – Prom or Big Game?
The Marlboro High Girls Softball team were State Champs last year and Thursday is a big game. It’s also Prom night and now the girls have to make a choice. Talk about a scheduling problem. Marlboro is going to play Ellenville on Thursday and it is the Section 9 Class B semi final game. Ellenv…
Local High School Refs Deal with Abuse and Low Pay
There are fewer and fewer people who want to referee local High School games because it just isn’t worth the hassle anymore. Being the ref has always been a tough job, but there was a time when the ref had the final word. Sure there is the bad call every once in a while and […]
Hopewell Junction’s Joe Panik Back to Play the Mets
The Hudson Valley’s favorite pro baseball player will be back in the Empire State this week to take on the Mets. Joe Panik will probably also be cutting the grass at his parents home in Hopewell Junction. Panik has been back in the valley many times since joining the San Francisco Giants four…
New York Bowler Sets Perfect Game Speed Record
Scoring a perfect game in bowling is a rare accomplishment, but to do it under 2 minutes is just ridiculous. A New York bowler has set, what is thought to be, the world record for fastest time to bowl a perfect game.
Golden Gloves Boxing Semi Finals in Newburgh Tonight
The New York Golden Gloves Boxing Semi Finals will be coming to the Hudson Valley tonight. This major event will happen at Newburgh Free Academy and the action will feature men and women boxers. The Golden Gloves have produced some of boxing’s best, including Floyd Patterson of the Hudson Val…

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