Presidents After Dark: Lincoln’s Log NSFW
Just in time for President's Day we have a brand new series for you. The sixteenth president's life was pretty well documented. There's been countless books and movies about Lincoln's life. He's even fought vampires for crying out loud. What you may not know and what you cer…
Valentines Day Gift Fail
Everyone may have experienced an awkward Valentines Day fail at least once in their life time.
Brandi is usually the first to get me a gift on just about any occasion. She got me a present for Christmas, on my birthday and she even brought me back some souvenirs when she came home from her trip to L…
Can You Really Taste the Rainbow? I’m Not Convinced
Everyone loves Skittles but do we really know why? They aren't even that fruity. Do they even have much of a flavor at all? We put it to the test. Watch and find out for yourself.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a scientist but I would deduce that any test given to a sample…
Introducing Doritos, For Her
Frito-Lay has announced that the company may need to redesign Nacho Cheese Doritos to cater more to women's eating habits. We decided to see if we could beat her to it.
Your Free Tarot Reading for February
How's your 2018 going so far? The Hudson Valley's favorite tarot card reader is back. What does this February have in store for you?

If you didn't know, metaMarcy comes into the studio once a month and allows us to provide you with a free online video reading. Maybe you're sta…

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