Here's the deal. I don't really cary cash anymore. I also don't carry photos in my wallet, because I have a smartphone. I've reduced the number of credit cards I own because I owed too much for too long. The only extraneous items I carry are a random receipt every once in awhile and a video game store rewards card. So why the heck do I need a gigantic tri-fold wallet with enough spots to carry Liberia's deficit in it? (AWESOME Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels reference! High five to me!)

With that in mind, why not get interesting, creative and geekish in your wallet choice? Exotic metals? Grommets? Rubber o-rings? Everything is exciting!

I feel like an wallet that needs a years worth of development and a C&C machine to come into existence is a level of geek that needs to be celebrated. Plus the video is pretty hysterical at the end. Makes me giggle every time.