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Vote On Your Favorite R. Lee Ermey Performances
R. Lee Ermey rose to fame after his flawless performance as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. His believably honest role as a drill instructor can be credited to his actual time in the service in that very position.
Jared Leto Calls Into WRRV to Talk About New Album, Tour
30 Seconds To Mars are in the midst of a European tour in support of their new album 'America', they'll be bringing the show back to the states this summer. Jared Leto called into WRRV to talk about the new album, tour and what we can expect at their area shows.
Where Do You Sneak Away to Pass Gas at Work?
Do you have a designated spot? Don't act like you're above it. Sure, it seems a little juvenile and maybe a tad gross but it's a legitimate question. Where can you go to let one rip without anyone in your office knowing?

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