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Ever Wonder About Poughkeepsie Mannequin Mailbox?
If you have even traveled down Vassar Road in Poughkeepsie you've probably seen this bizarre mailbox that seems so out of place. I've been living in the Hudson Valley since April and this thing as been here the whole time and every month it is a dressed in a different shirt. On my way to t…
Cornell Finds Three Common Psychotic Traits: Do You Have Them?
We use the term psycho pretty often to describe someone who is a bit off kilter but are they really as crazy as you might think? Thankfully, research done at a university right here in New York may have found a few warning signs. Do you have any of the signs? Don't wait and find out now.
Would You Use The Flatulence Tracking Pill?
I've got to admit that I giggled a little bit when I first saw the thought of tracking my farts through an App on my iPhone but after a little bit of thought I figured out that this could be the greatest thing ever.
Will Hudson Valley Stores Sell The New Smart Underwear?
We have rebuilt underwear. It's bigger, faster, stronger and temperature controlled.

Is it too soon to give out the award for the dumbest invention of 2018? Maybe not. Who would buy these?

Are Smart Undies the wave of the future? Believe it or not it could be so. We now live in an age where…
Win Wing Wars Tickets
Movies and chicken wings compliment each other so well. If you think you're a movie buff, you might want to see how your knowledge can get you two free passes to Hudson Valley Wing Wars.
Costco Refunds Customer's X-Mas Tree Because It Died
You can buy just about anything at Costco. I guess you can return just about anything too.

Christmas Tree's aren't cheap. I guess this woman found a nice holiday hack to get some of her money back but she must have zero shame.

Bored Panda shared an angry Costco customer's Facebook…
Pizza Shop Offers Snow Plow Service With Delivery
Let me get this straight, if you can't make it to the pizza the pizza will come directly to you and the driver will clear the massive amount of snow that's accumulated on your driveway? Is this real life? It sounds too good to be true.