The New York Yankees opened up their wallets again last night and signed former Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury to a 7 year $148 million deal. There's an option for an 8th year at $21 million. The Yankees will regret this deal down the line. Ellsbury is known for his speed and will surely slow down as the years wear on.

According to, 217 players have played for both teams including, Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Johnny Damon, David Cone and Bartolo Colon.

WRRV listeners had this to say about the move by the Yankees:

  • Tim from New Paltz - "Fine with it. Lots of Boston -> NY trades have worked out really well. Ruth, Bogs, Clemens, Damon. Ellsbury is a quick outfielder with a reliable bat, much like Brett Gardner who's been a great asset. Solid pickup."
  • Ryan from Poughkeepsie - "Too many years, too much money"
  • Michelle from Fishkill - "Love it, we finally have a lead off hitter. Gardner stinks."
  • Candice from Staatsburg - "Yankee fan with hubby red sucks fan, I was laughing a bit.. he is annoyed.."
  • Mike from Florida - "90% of Yankee fans just said, Who's that?"
  • Wayne from Poughkeepsie - Ellsbury will be the greatest Yankee ever to wear uniform #2.
  • Jack from Wawarsing - You dont root/hate the person cause where he came from, you root for the person who is in the yankees uniform.

Do you think this will affect the Yankees ability to sign Cano? Is he off to Seattle?

Remember when Ellsbury stole home agains Pettite?