My future husband this week is in Britain. He would love to leave there and possible visit the US, Europe and BEYOND.

But he can’t. My future loves birth name is Mathew Whelan, but he changed his name a few years ago to one that suited him more. Trust me. His name suits him more now than Mathew ever did.

And that is what is causing the British government to not issue the passport. Mathews new name is "King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite". Did I mention that he is Britain’s most tattooed man?

In regards to not allowing the document they told him that the name is not appropriate. More so, it violates their policy of not allowing, "strings of words or phrases". Body Art, which is the name on his driver’s license, feels that by not allowing him to put his new name, his legally correct name on the passport, it is a breach of his human rights.

He has spent nearly £30,000 covering most of his bodies in tattoos and was hoping to work overseas when he received his new passport. He has now complained and is waiting for a response.