Firefighters Put Out Blaze on Route 17 [VIDEO]
Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Early this evening, a car fire backed up traffic on Route 17, just before the exit to get onto 84. I happened to be driving that way at the time and got caught up in traffic for a while. I don’t have any details yet about how the fire got started, […]
Are You a Pot Hole Magnet? Here’s Some Advice
Where are the worst pot holes in the Hudson Valley? No seriously, I’m new to the area. Help a brother out. For as long as I’ve been a New York resident I’ve been thrilled with the quality of the roads but lately I’ve noticed that around here, the roads have been slipping …
Watch This Shredder Eat a Car Whole [VIDEO]
It’s hard to imagine an entire car just being swallowed whole, but here you go! Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube A car. A CAR. AN ENTIRE CAR. I mean, flattening cars is one thing; that’s pretty cool, too. But to pull this thing in and chew it to bits like a Pringle is, for some […]
Google Unveils Driver-less Car Prototype
Google’s newest self-driving car is designed to look friendly, and make sure people inside know they are not driving.  The car Google introduced last week has no brakes, no steering wheel and no gas pedal.  The only controls are buttons to “go” and “stop”…

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