Coming up with a Movie Script Is Harder Than It Looks
Are you broke or could you just use a little extra money? Have no fear, the WRRV Morning Grind is hooking you up. Brandi and I are trying to help you guys out each weekday. I tried to offer up a little advice on how to make some quick cash. Did you know that you can […]
These Could be the Weirdest Ways to Make Money
Sometimes money is tight but sometimes you need to get creative. Here are some unorthodox but legal ways to make some money. Yes, you could listen to WRRV for the keywords twice a day and try to win a Grand with the Grind. That’s probably one of the easiest ways to win money but if youu&#…
Three Tips to Lending Money to Friends
Is it a good idea to loan money to friends and family? There are apparently rules for this scenario. Do you follow any of these rules? Loaning money to friends or even family should be simple task however, it can be a tricky and even strain relationships. Recently, I had a close friend hit me [ …
The WRRV Big Bribe
WRRV has your chance to win $2,000 every weekday in the month of May. Plus if you become a member of The WRRV Underground you have a chance to win $10,000!
Poughkeepsie Man Is Hudson Valley’s Newest $1,000 Winner
The WRRV Big Bribe has been paying out thousands of dollars this month. Each weekday we have 2 chances to win a grand. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Dan Pampalon of Poughkeepsie is our latest winner. Needless to say, Dan was very excited. Let’s hear what he had to say: Don’t be disapp…
The WRRV Big Bribe: Win Cash This November
WRRV knows things would be a lot better if you had some extra cash in your pocket. We also have no shame, so we’ve decided to bribe you to listen. Presenting The WRRV Big Bribe, your chance to win $1,000 twice a day, everyday in the month of November! Starting Monday 11/3, Deuce and Bran…
What Would You Do If You Found $40,000 Stuffed In Your Couch?
3 Suny New Paltz students were recently confronted with the ultimate moral dilemma after finding $40,000 in cash in the couch they just purchased from the Salvation Army. Return the money or spend it?  According to WABC TV the students did the right thing by tracking down the rightful owner. Th…
Spending that Holiday Cash
The holidays are over and it’s time to start looking into all that cash and all those gift cards you got (hopefully) from people who had no idea what to get you. I don’t know about anyone else but every bit of money or gift card I get I see as money I wasn’t expecting […]