‘It’ Reveals a Threatening New Poster for Comic-Con
As a tagline, “You’ll float too” sounds more like a promise than a threat (maybe it’s both?), and the upcoming adaptation of It definitely seems ready and willing to deliver. Even if you haven’t read Stephen King’s classic horror novel and lack the context f…
Supergirl and Spider-Man Team For LEGO’s SDCC 2017 Exclusives
Last year, LEGO introduced Brick Headz to the world at San Diego Comic-Con, and the blockified-character building kits have been a staple of the company's release slate ever since. The line is still relatively small in comparison to LEGO's other vehicle and building playsets, but that Bric…
Would You Go On the First Ever Comic-Con Cruise? Or Pass?
So maybe you have been to Comic-Con and you liked it. What would happen if the Javits Center was a cruise ship? Would you have even more fun with Cos Play on the water? On cruise company is hoping that you will. This Comic Con-ish cruise is called FAN2SEA and will be leaving the Port […]
Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Is Coming to Comic-Con 2016!
Marvel’s Netflix Defenders have largely kept to their home turf of Hell’s Kitchen, appearing at New York Comic-Con, rather than the big show in San Diego, but if anyone could break the mold, it’d be Luke Cage. Yes, sweet Christmas, Luke Cage is coming to Comic-Con 2016 for a sne…

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