Cookies Being Recalled? Is Nothing Sacred?
One of these items that you might be substituting for "Oreo's" (did you know that Oreo's are vegan) by reaching for what could be perceived to be a healthier product choice is now facing a recall. Here is what to check your pantry for:
Potato Chip Candy Bar Cookies?
This could be nirvana. Optimum cookie goodness in one small circular form.Here at WRRV the team behind the scenes has declared today “Cinco Desserto” The challenge for me was that I wanted to make something that was not a “normal” cookie. After searching around a bit, I s…
Thanksgiving Sides, Part 3
Thanksgiving is usually the first time during the year that I make these. They are light, with a ginger flavor that is strong, but not over powering, combined with a touch of cinnamon. I watch these cookies like a hawk after about 8-10 minutes to make sure that they do get fully baked, but that [[&#x…