Deuce for Marist President! [VIDEO]
The President of Marist College, Dennis Murray, is stepping down after 36 successful years. Who better to succeed him than someone completely unqualified? Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Hey, Marist: me as coach doesn’t sound as horrifying when compared to me having academic responsibility, eh? …
Ever Wondered What LASIK Looks Like?
I told you about my experience anticipating LASIK. Well it happened, and I’ve never been happier. And bonus embarrassing photos of me in surgery garb inside! So I did it. I went through with the procedure. I know I said before I wasn’t nervous, and I have to be honest: I really wasnn&#x…
How Easy Would it Be to Live in a Walmart? [AUDIO]
In this week’s Friends of Walmart, Deuce and friend of the morning show/Hudson Valley icon Mark Bolger discuss recent posts on the Walmart Facebook page about living in Walmart, employee drug tests, and shopping at 2:45 in the morning. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube
Is Deuce On Vacation? Or Looking For Katy Perry?
Deuce is supposedly on vacation and I believed him, until this happened with Katy Perry.As soon as I can find the photo of Deuce wearing his favorite Captain America T-shirt… I will post it…. **A man wearing a Captain America T-shirt is being arraigned this morning for breaking in…
#CoachDeuce on How to Handle Pressure! [VIDEO]
Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube   And in case you missed any of the already-classic videos we’ve been dropping, get up on the movement: Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube
Deuce Teaches You The Fundamentals! [VIDEO]
Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube I think after dropping this video to Marist and this video unveiling my assistant coach, it’s time to show the kind of coaching ability I’d bring to the Red Foxes men’s basketball team. This time we talk fundamentals.
Deuce’s First Assistant Coach!
After yesterday’s video about why I should be head coach of the Marist men’s basketball team got so much attention, I knew I had to up the ante. So I’ve started putting together my team of coaches. Here’s the first. Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube
Deuce Is Being Watched
Ever feel like you’re being watched? The eye of radio hero Mark Bolger is always watching and, frankly, sometimes it’s terrifying.
Deuce’s Beer of the Week: Smuttynose Old Brown Dog (Sponsored)
This weekend, I was at a bar out of town waiting to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight. Surveying the taps, I noticed nothing but the standard, uninteresting stuff you can find anywhere. Suddenly and abruptly, I bellowed “WHERE ARE THE BROWN ALES?!” By “suddenly and abruptly, I be…

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