Local Sonic Plans to Release The Strangest Drink Ever
There's really nothing at Sonic that I don't like but I've got admit that this one definitely raises a few questions on my end. Will be this be the perfect mix of sweet and salty?

Sonic is some high end fast food. I mean come on, they actually bring the food to your car. Sonic is a…
Most Americans Admit to Being Social Drinkers, Are You?
Do you drink during social events or do you drink all by your lonesome? Most of the country prefers to party.

I'm not a big drinker myself but apparently these are the moments when most Americans drink in celebratory fashion. According to Alcohol.com, they've found out when most people …
Uh Oh, Can Coffee Really Make You Dumb? We’re in Trouble
We live in a society where it's okay to be a caffeine induced zombie. Whatever keeps us awake and gets us through the work day right? What if all of that caffeine is really turning us into zombies and lowering our IQ?

If caffeinated beverages were making is stupid would you still drink it or…