katy perry

There is a New Queen of Chocolate
I never thought Hershey’s kisses would be the greatest candy ever, but here we are with this Gratuitous Katy Perry Gif of the Week. Happy Thursday, my friend.
Proof That Deuce Isn’t The Only One Who Katy Perry Makes Happy
Every week Deuce treats you to the Katy Perry GIF of the week. He shares them with you in hopes that you too will get the sheer joy and happiness that he does from also seeing them. He is not alone. We have proof. Here is a little baby who Deuce has something in common. […]
We’ve Missed You, Katy!
It’s been a while since the last Gratuitous Katy Perry Gif of the Week. We missed you too, Katy! If you want to take a look at the pantheon of cleav–I mean Katy Perry gifs, here you go: All the GIFage you could possibly need.
Is Deuce On Vacation? Or Looking For Katy Perry?
Deuce is supposedly on vacation and I believed him, until this happened with Katy Perry.As soon as I can find the photo of Deuce wearing his favorite Captain America T-shirt… I will post it…. **A man wearing a Captain America T-shirt is being arraigned this morning for breaking in…

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