Starting Today It’s Harder to Win a Powerball Jackpot in NY
Winning a Powerball jackpot in New York just became harder, as new rules kick in starting October 4. Time Magazine reports that The New York State Gaming Commission, which oversees the Multi-State Lottery Association, has changed rules in order to make the lottery more self-supporting. In short…
Another Hudson Valley Lottery Winner? Maybe
Recently, you heard about a man from Middletown who won the Mega Millions jackpot. No, we are not talking about that. Here is the info about the guy who won $321 million from Middletown,
Lottery Winner Misses Deadline & Big Bucks
You thought you had the winning number? You were already counting your dollar bills. Only to realize, that once again, you were “robbed”. This guy in Canada has been trying to prove for almost 7 years that he is entitled to half a big jackpot. In fact he has been trying to prove it in …

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