Popular Eatery Near Marist Closes
It wasn't a great homecoming for Marist students when they arrived back on campus this week and found one of their favorite late night eateries closed.
The Worst Traffic Spot in the Mid-Hudson Valley
There are plenty of places that frustrate drivers here in the Mid Hudson Valley, but there is one place that most agree is a nightmare. I conducted an unofficial survey on my Facebook page and the results confirm what most of us already know.   Subscribe to WRRV on Youtube The Mid Hudson Bridge…
Idiot Crashes Car Attempting to ‘Drift’ on Route 44 in New Paltz
A Ford Focus attempted to drift around the hairpin curve on Route 44 headed to Minnewaska. It did not end well. You’ve probably heard of the Tokyo Drift, but the New Paltz Drift? Yeah, that’s probably not a good idea. In a video uploaded to YouTube some moron was caught trying to make …
Map of Every Cell Phone Dead Zone in the Hudson Valley by Carrier
Sen. Charles Schumer has released a detailed map showing every cell phone dead zone in the state. Hudson Valley Verizon and AT&T customers may want to take note. The results of the just-released Dead Zone Report show a significant amount of places in the Hudson Valley that still aren’t co…

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